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Aims and scope

Asian Journal of Public Relations (abbreviation AJPR) is an official publication of the Korean Academic Society for Public Relations (KASPR). Since 2017, AJPR, peer-reviewed and published once a year, has provided researchers and practitioners with the most up-to-date, comprehensive and important research on public relations and its related fields.

Aims : Asian Journal of Public Relations (AJPR) publishes original articles that create, test, or expand public relations theories and practices. AJPR aims primarily to contribute to address or challenge the relation(s) between theory and practice in understanding public relations across multiple contexts. All theoretical and methodological approaches, including quantitative, qualitative, critical, historical, legal, or philosophical, are welcome, as are all contextual areas.

Scope : AJPR covers a variety of research subjects related to the field of public relations. Subjects covered by AJPR are Public Relations Theories, Public Relations Practices (e.g., Media Relations, Government Relations, Community Relations, Employee Relations, Investor Relations, Product Placement, Corporate Social Responsibility, etc.), Public Relations & Media, Public Relations Ethics, Organizational Communication, Issues & Crisis Management, Public Campaigns (e.g., Political, Health, Risk, Science), and any other areas contributing to the advancement of public relations.

Types of articles : In three sections

• Section 1: Full research paper o Original reports of studies conducted on any topic related to public relations. Research articles may be conceptual, theory-building, or empirical. They may also discuss methodological or pedagogical aspects of public relations. • Section 2: Research In Brief o For submissions that do not meet the criteria of a full paper, authors may be invited to reformat their paper as a" Research in Brief," which should provide a short summary (no more than 1500 words) of the author's original paper. If an author's full paper is not accepted after peer review but deemed worthy of a brief summary, the author will receive a reply detailing the format to be used for the "Research in Brief." • Section 3: Research In Practice or Case Study o Research focused on industry practices or case studies that analyze any disciplines of public relations, including but not limited to issues and crisis management, communications campaigns, corporate social responsibility, reputation management, special event planning, fundraising, employee communications, investor relations, community relations, media relations, global public relations, public diplomacy, health communication, and government relations.